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Frequently Asked Questions



What is JobsMiddleEast?

JobsMiddleEast is a UK based company that continually strives to excel in provision of recruitment, retention and resource services covering the entire Middle East and in particular Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. We offer professional services to both candidates seeking employment and clients seeking skilled workers.

The Middle East is a fast growing emerging market and our unique insight and knowledge of the region, its people, culture and society gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

Of course, we do not just purely focus on the Middle East. With strong emerging economies in the African and Asian continents and our base of clients that includes multinational organisations we offer exciting opportunities globally.

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Do you already have potential employees/employers on your books?

At JobsMiddleEast we believe in developing solid relationships with potential employers, as a recruitment organisation we have a large number of corporate contacts within the Middle East recruiting from all sectors and all levels. Opportunities for candidates arise all the time and we are often the first to hear about them, so keep an eye out on the site for opportunities as and when they arise or subscribe to our jobs by email service. Don’t miss out!

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What experience/knowledge do you have of the Middle East?

We’ve got the lot! Our esteemed director and founder himself worked in the Middle East for over 10 years in the IT/Telecoms industry, upon returning to the United Kingdom he felt that a more professional and personal service could be provided to candidates than that offered by many existing recruitment organisations. Hence this website was born, directly from the experience gained out there in the Middle East!

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How much will it cost me as a candidate?

Nothing at all, we provide our service to candidates at no cost. Our recruitment service is free and open to all. However do bear in mind that on occasion minor expenses may arise from attending local or telephone/video based interviews as part of the overall recruitment process. Where a potential employer allows we can possibly reimburse such expenses.

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Which countries do you recruit for?

We recruit for most of the Middle East countries, including but not limited to

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Yemen
  • Qatar

We also from time to time will post vacancies in Africa or Asia, often as a result of a role from a multinational company that might have the head office in the Middle East. When vacancies from other countries arise it will be very clearly stated within the details of the job posting on our website.

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Why work in the Middle East?

The various countries in the Middle East each have a unique environment, however what they all have in common is a desire to accelerate growth, increase their GDPs by increasing business in all sectors and above all they wish to employ talented and creative individuals.

Principally growth is driven by the energy industry, in particular Oil and Gas which drive much of the rest of the world’s industries. The revenue from these resources is directly invested in pursuing advances in all other sectors, so expect a focus on green, sustainable technology in the coming years as well as retail, service and knowledge based industries. Just take a look at some of the mega-projects currently in planning/construction throughout the Middle East and see if you can envisage a future in the Middle East.

For you as a candidate there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance and develop your own skill sets in a part of the world you may little or nothing about. It is both an enjoyable and eye opening experience, from Riyadh to Dubai, or Jeddah or Muscat. Each place has its own culture, traditions and way of going about business. Live life, go out and explore!

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What are the typical work locations like?

Just like in any developed nation, clean, comfortable and geared towards efficiency and productivity. All offices, educational establishments and hospitals are of a generally high standard throughout most of them are new, modern and purpose built facilities.

Health and Safety of employees is a key concerns and many steps are taken to protect you from and minimise all work related accidents.

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Is it safe in the Middle East?

Your personal safety is important and we would like to take this opportunity to assure you that the countries and cities we cover in our portfolio of clients are just as safe as anywhere in the western world. Safety of citizens and in particular of foreign workers is deemed to be of critical importance to Middle Eastern governments.

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Is training provided by employers?

Most employers expect to recruit individuals with existing skill sets that match their current needs. That is not to say that training isn't provided, they do not expect to recruit "know it alls" and some development and training needs are expected, so many Middle East employers will send you on training courses or obtain training material on your behalf. In some cases you may be sent outside of the Middle East for professional training and certification.

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Do I need a Visa and how do I get one?

The very nature of employment in the Middle East means that you will easily obtain a business visa sponsored by your new employer. The details vary from country to country, however in general terms you do need a visa and your new employer will obtain or sponsor that for you.

For somewhere like Dubai for example, the very act of purchasing a freehold property entitles you to both permanent residency and the right to work there - however this does not necessarily extend to the other 6 kingdoms within the United Arab Emirates.

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Is it too hot in the Middle East for me?

It is of course hot in the Middle East, however you are very well protected with air conditioning available practically everywhere, in cars, at work, in accommodation, in hotels, restaurants...basically everywhere.

Typically November to April are the coolest months with average temperatures of approximately 20°C. During the rest of the year temperatures increase and are typically between 30-45°C. There is very little rainfall and that usually occurs during the cooler months. Please take time to check the Country Profiles section for more detailed weather information specific to each country.

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What is the typical working week?

The typical working week is on average 40 hours from Sunday to Thursday, the weekend consists of Friday (a prayer day) and Saturday.

Each work day can be broken down into 1 morning and 1 evening session, while the afternoon period constitutes a long rest period - equivalent to a 'siesta' as practised in many warmer climates.

Just remember, working times/days will vary from employer to employer but we should be able to give you a strong indication as part of the information around a new vacancy.

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How does JobsMiddleEast protect my personal information?

We keep your personal information very secure, in particular the details on your CV are kept in secure storage. We adhere to the strict Data Protection and Identity Theft protection laws of the UK Government as we are based in the United Kingdom, please see the Data Protection page for further information. We will not share any of your information unless we have explicit permission from yourself.

We are committed to protecting your personal information, both from the information we gather on our website and from your uploaded CVs. If you have any concerns please ask using our contact information and we will endeavour to address them for you. At any time you can completely withdraw your details from our site on request.

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