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Yemen (Al-Yaman)


Yemen is one of the oldest centres of civilization in the Middle East, but is currently the fastest growing economy in the Middle East region. Currently heavily reliant on Oil based income, Yemen has tried to counter the effects of its declining oil resources by diversifying its economy through an economic reform program initiated in 2006 that is designed to bolster non-oil sectors of the economy and foreign investment. In October 2009, Yemen exported its first liquefied natural gas as part of this diversification effort.

The Yemen government in August reaffirmed its commitment to reforms in a plan detailing the country's top ten development priorities. These are ambitious plans that allow for great opportunities but Yemen faces several long term challenges.


Village d'Al Ajjara au Yemen

Village d'Al Ajjara au Yemen

Village de montagne du Yémen

Village de montagne du Yémen

General Information

Capital (Government)


Capital (Commercial)



23 million

Language (local)


Language (official)



Dry desert, with great variations in daily temperature
Jan (average) 16°C
July (average) 39°C

Currency (local)

Yemeni Riyal (YER)

Exchange Rate (local to $1)

Exchange Rate (local to £1)

Exchange Rate (local to 1EURO)

Cost of Petrol/Gas ($/gallon)


Typical cost of an evening meal


Major Established Companies

HSA Group


Total E&P Yemen


Yemen Gas Company


Typical fields JobsMiddleEast is recruiting in:

  • Information Technology
  • Medical
  • Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industries
  • Education

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